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Discover Kozushima

A Tokyo You Have Never Imagined


Kozushima is the westernmost island of the Izu Archipelago, a group of islands that are technically a part of Tokyo Prefecture, but extend far south into the Pacific Ocean from Sagami Bay and Izu Peninsula on the Japanese mainland. Surrounded by the cobalt ocean, Kozushima is blessed with gorgeous white sand beaches, a stunning mountainous landscape, and plentiful water. From swimming, diving, and snorkeling during the warmer months to hiking, stargazing, and soaking in the hot springs throughout the year, the island offers you a wide range of fun things to do whenever you choose to visit. For anyone tired of the restless and frantic pace of Japan’s big cities, Kozushima is an ideal place to slow down, enjoy some fantastic food, and take in the beautiful sights.


Kozushima has a great deal to offer the visitor—beautiful seas, stunning vistas, and excellent food—but there is more to it than meets the eye! Kozushima has a fascinating geological makeup and natural environment, not to mention its long history, religious traditions, and unique culture surrounding fishery. Here you can learn more about Kozushima to better enjoy your stay on the island.


Beautiful nature, rich culture, fascinating history, and tons of places you can go to relax and refresh are just a few of the many things on the island waiting to be explored. Here, you will find an expansive list of our recommendations for some of the best places to visit on Kozushima. While going solo may also be fun, some of the island’s secrets are best explored with an experienced local guide as part of a guided tour—make sure to check them out and make a reservation beforehand!
Photo by the courtesy of Kozushima Tourism Association

Eat and Drink

No trip anywhere in Japan (or rather, anywhere in the world) would be complete without getting your fill of delicious local food, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Kozushima, despite being a modest-sized island, can offer more of that than you could possibly cover in one stay—unless you’re planning to stay for weeks! Please take a look through some of our recommendations for the best food and drinks on Kozushima to truly experience the island with all five senses to the fullest while you’re there.


Kozushima prides itself on its hospitality, and the locals do their best to ensure that visitors to the island have a really great experience. The majority of the accommodations on the island are small guest houses and family-run bed and breakfasts that really allow you to get to know the owners. See our list of recommended lodgings to figure out where you should stay during your visit.

Guided Tours

Kozushima has it all, and there’s no better way to explore its wonders than joining a tour led by one of the island’s very own professional guides. From stargazing, nature walks, hiking in the mountains, and even fishing out in the open sea, they will help you enjoy Kozushima to the fullest and make some memories to remember for a lifetime!


Not only is Kozushima an excellent place to visit, but it is also an outstanding location to take your next workation! It offers several WiFi hotspots, surprisingly convenient shopping, and all the peace and quiet you need to focus on your work. Not to mention the many fun and exciting things to do on your off time!
Photo by the courtesy of Kozushima Tourism Association

Shopping & Services

Kozushima may be a small island, but it has plenty of shops that will sure come in handy if you need to stock up on snacks, buy some medicine, or get a few drinks to take with you to the beach. You won’t be disappointed with the souvenir options either, since they have everything from unique seafood snacks to cute beach sandals. Check out our list of recommended shops as well as fishing and diving equipment rentals, WiFi hotspots, and ATMs.
Photo by the courtesy of Kozushima Tourism Association


One of the great things about Kozushima is how easy it is to get there—3 hours 45 minutes by jet boat and only 45 minutes by plane! You can also be a romantic and take an overnight ferry to truly savor the journey. Of course, getting there is only half the fun—you need to find your way around the island itself. Check our guide to figure out the best way to reach Kozushima and navigate it during your stay.